Convertica was founded by Kurt Philip in 2016 (as the CRO guy) and now has a team of specialists from all over the world.

We have a globally distributed team that is spread across Europe and Asia.

Kurt started Convertica after noticing a huge demand in the market after doing conversion rate optimization on his own portfolio of websites. After 5 years, Convertica has worked with over 800 websites in countless different verticals and monetization methods.

Convertica is a fully bootstrapped company grown out of successful conversion optimization campaigns

About Us.

Convertica is the done-for-you conversion rate optimization specialist that allows you to maximize revenue for your website.

We help online businesses to generate more bottom line profit by increasing existing value per visitor by using tried-and-tested conversion techniques that are validated by split testing.

In the last 5 years Convertica has worked with over 800 clients, allowing us to amass a large amount of test data on whats working and what is not.

With the team now 22, we are able to run our conversion optimization process efficiently to get amazing results for our clients.

Client Campains Completed

Split Tests Completed

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Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves in having a wide portfolio of successful campaigns and happy clients.

Most of our clients are so happy with our results, they choose to work with us repeatedly.

We want our conversion rate optimization service to be maximum value-for-money for our clients. Consequently, we price our fees at a minimum compared to the revenue gains we attain for our clients with just a single campaign.

Our Results

We are so confident in our consistent results, we guarantee a minimum goal conversion rate increases for many types of websites.

We pride ourself in having;

Proven process

Strategic planning

Measured testing

Detailed and
transparent reporting